S01: Saving Hawaii’s Birds
Organizers: Thane Pratt and David Leonard

S02: Tri-national Bird Conservation: Shared Strategies for a Shared North American Avifauna
Organizers: Ken Rosenberg, Andrew Couturier, Humberto Berlanga, Peter Blancher, and Terry Rich

S03: Population and Community Responses of Cavity-Nesting Birds to Natural and Anthropogenic Disturbance
Organizers: Andrea Norris, Kristina Cockle, and Kathy Martin

S04: Assessments of Habitat Selection and Quality: Perspectives and Future Directions
Organizer: Anna Chalfoun

S05: Birds and Ecosystem Services
Organizers: Daniel Wenny and Christopher Whelan

S06: Advances in Shorebird Conservation
Organizers: Roy Churchwell, Abby Powell, and Stephen Brown

S07: Rusty Blackbird: Range-Wide Perspective on a Short-Distance Migrant in Decline
Organizer: Paul Hamel

S08: Marine Birds: Dynamic Responses to Inter-annual to Interdecadal Climate Variability and Change in the Gulf of California and Southern California Current: Models and Applications
Organizers: Enriqueta Velarde, Daniel Anderson, Exequiel Ezcurra, and William Sydeman

S09: Ornithological Applications
Organizers: Tom Gardali and Nat Seavy

S10: Women in Ornithology: History, Current Roles, Future Opportunities and the Role of Societies in Professional Development
Organizers: Bonnie Bowen and Kim Sullivan

S11: Yellow-billed Cuckoos: Biology and Conservation in the Western United States
Organizer: Matt Johnson

S12: Avian Immunity: Resilience in the Face of Emerging Zoonoses and Climate Change
Organizer: Caldwell Hahn