Photo Contest

Contact: Andrew Cox (
Organizers: Melissa Blundell, Michelle Rogne, Stephanie Wright, Andrew Cox
Date: Displayed throughout the meeting, judging ends Wednesday ~5:00 pm
Location: Exhibit Hall
Cost: Free ($1 donation strongly suggested to help provide great prizes), advance sign-up is required

Photographs depicting birds by amateur and professional photographers will be on display throughout the meeting in the Exhibit Hall. Contest entries will be available for judging by conference participants 8:00 a.m.- 5:30 p.m. Monday and Wednesday, and 8:00 a.m.-10:00 p.m. on Tuesday (including at Poster reception). Winners in four categories will be announced at the closing banquet on Thursday, 11 February, and prizes must be picked up by 10:00 p.m. that night.

Update: Please submit photos by 24 January 2010.

Are you an amateur or aspiring photographer? Never leave home without your camera? Have you captured some great moments on film? Then you should participate in the upcoming photo contest that is open to all conference attendees!

Photography Categories

The main focus of the photo should be birds.

  1. Bound Birds (captive or restrained birds, including birds in hand)
  2. Wild Wings (including birds in flight, foraging, perching birds, etc.)
  3. Nests and Nestlings
  4. Creative and Clever (extensively altered photos including: double exposure, additions / subtractions / duplications of significant parts of the images, joining of two images, etc.)


Entries will be evaluated by… you! Each conference attendee will be allowed to vote once per category. Voting will be based on the honor system. Voting ballots and submission boxes will be located next to photography exhibits. Items to fill out on a voting ballot include: photo #, title, and category. These will then be placed in “voting boxes” by ballot stations. The number of ballots will be calculated for each category and prizes will be awarded to photos with the most votes.

Winners of the photo contest will be announced at the closing banquet.

Note: ballot boxes will close ~24 hrs before the banquet to provide time to tally votes.


The number of prizes awarded per category will be based on available prizes. The minimum number of winners per category is one. We strongly suggest, and would greatly appreciate, a donation of $1 per photo submitted. All donations will be used to purchase prizes. This will allow us to offset the cost of purchasing a grand prize per category! Donations can be submitted to cashiers at the registration desk when you pick up your registration packet.

Contest Rules

Entrant Rules

Photo Rules and Regulations




Q: What should I expect after I submit my photos to Andrew?
A: Besides a feeling of joy, you should expect a reply that confirms you have signed up for the photo contest. Each accepted entrant will receive a slip of paper in their registration folders (one per photo accepted) which will provide space for you to write down:

Your entrant ID will already be filled out on this slip of paper. You will then take this paper and your photo to the exhibit hall where signs will guide you to the photo contest poster boards. Pin the paper next to your photo on the appropriate board.

Q: How will I know which one of my photos has been accepted?
A: Until we know how many entries are submitted we will only accept your first choice photo. As we finalize our space availability and if we determine there is room to accept more photos we will contact you to let you know we can accept your second/third/etc. entries.

Q: How many total photos will be accepted for the photo contest?
A: Currently, we expect to accept a total of 430 photos. This number may increase if more space becomes available.

Additional Questions? Please e-mail Andrew Cox (