Exhibits and Sponsorship Opportunities

Exhibits and vendors will be on display in the Exhibit Hall for the duration of the meeting. (Exhibit set-up will be Sunday, 7 February, and teardown will be Thursday, 11 February 2010.) To maximize exposure of exhibits, the Exhibit Hall also will be the location for poster presentations, a photo contest, and silent auction.  We will hold all daily refreshment breaks in the Exhibit Hall, as well as an evening poster reception.  In essence, the Exhibit Hall will serve as the informational and social hub of the conference.

A range of sponsorship opportunities are available to welcome back returning exhibitors and invite new partners to join us at the 2010 conference:

Platinum Level

Platinum-level sponsorship status can be obtained for $2,500 and includes the following benefits:

Gold Level

Gold-level sponsorship status can be obtained for $1,000 ($750 for non-profit organizations), and includes the following benefits:

Silver Level

Silver-level sponsorship status can be obtained for up to $999 by sponsoring specific events, such as receptions (Poster reception, Museum Reception, Closing Banquet), student activities (Student-Mentor Lunch, Student-Professional Social), and daily refreshment breaks.  In addition, we would welcome items for our silent auction, or to be used as prizes for various student-run events (e.g., binoculars or other optics, books, gift certificates, etc.). Even modest contributions go far towards furthering our societies’ missions of facilitating the exchange of scientific information and training the ornithological professionals of tomorrow.

Benefits of Silver-level sponsorship include:

As you make your plans, consider that these societies will not meet again until spring of 2011; so save on travel, time, and shipping while reaching all three societies in San Diego in February 2010!

For more information, please contact the Exhibits/Sponsorship Coordinator at the conference management office at 254-776-3550, lesl@sgmeet.com.