Pre/post-meeting Field Trips

Led by Tucson Audubon Society.

Please note that some trips have been cancelled and others have been moved.

The following trips have been canceled:

We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause. If you were registered for one of these trips you will receive and email explaining your options.

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Thursday, 16 April

Tour #1 Patagonia Hot Spots

Time: Leave Double Tree 6:00am – Return by 5:30pm
Fees: $145/person (includes transportation, guides, bottled water, box lunch/drink)

Description:  On this trip we will visit one of the hottest areas in southeastern Arizona.  We will bird at Patagonia/Nature Conservancy Preserve (where as I am writing the first ABA record of Sinaloa Wren persists), the famous Patagonia Rest Stop, and Patagonia Lake State Park among other minor stops. 

Leader:  Matt Brown of Patagonia Bird and Butterfly Company.  Matt is an amazing birder, and he knows his butterflies too.  

Likely Species: Broad-billed Hummingbird, Violet-crowned Hummingbird, Northern Beardless-Tyrannulet, Vermillion Flycatcher, Black Phoebe, Lucy's Warbler Black-capped Gnatcatcher, as well as many others (good possibility of rarities!)

Tour #2 “Chasing Rarities!”

Time:  Leave Double Tree 7:00am  Return by 2:00pm
Fees:  $105/person (includes transportation, guide, bottled water, box lunch/drink)

Description:  This trip is just how it sounds!  We will be chasing rarities.  This is a great trip for someone who has already been to southeastern AZ and has seen many of our more common specialties or in conjunction with one of the trips on Sunday.  This one will be a day filled with fun and excitement. 

Leader: Keith Kamper knows the Tucson area as well as anyone around.  He is a professional guide for Adventure Birding Company, a highly recommended local guide service.    

Likely Species:  Who knows?

Sunday, 19 April

Tour #5 Madera Canyon

Time: Leave Double Tree 6:30am - Return by 2:00pm
Fees: $105/person (includes transportation, guide, bottled water, box lunch/drink)

Description: Madera Canyon is one of the best birding areas in North America.  We start in desert grassland, as we climb in elevation into the canyon we are soon surrounded by riparian woodland.  The van will make several stops along the way at a number of lodges to inspect their hummingbird feeders for rarities.  This has been the most reliable place in the US for Flame-colored Tanager.  A short hike will take us along an intermittent stream where Elegant Trogons breed and are seen on most trips. 

Leader: Laurens Halsey, local bird and nature guide.

Likely Species: Blue-throated Hummingbird, Magnificent Hummingbird, Elegant Trogon, Acorn Woodpecker, Sulphur-bellied Flycatcher, Mexican Jay, Painted Redstart, Rufous-winged Sparrow (another good chance for rarities!)