Young Professional Awards

Deadline: 15 February 2009

The Young Professional Award recognizes early-career ornithological researchers for their outstanding contributions to ornithology. Those eligible for this award should be in the final year of their graduate program or be within one year following graduation.  Three finalists will be selected to deliver talks at the Young Professional plenary session held at the annual meeting and will be given 25 minutes each to present their research (20 minutes for presentation, 5 minutes for questions).  The plenary session will be held on the second morning of the meeting with no other concurrent sessions, allowing students to highlight their work to all participants.  The three finalists are guaranteed travel awards and will be invited to an event attended by the COS president, officers, and the chair of the student participation committee on the day prior to the plenary session.  Recipients of the award will receive a cash prize.  Finalists who do not receive an award will receive honorable mention in the Condor but will not qualify for any other student presentation awards during the year they compete as Young Professional presenters.  The three finalists will be notified at least six weeks prior to the annual meeting.  Applicants not selected as finalists will automatically be considered for other student presentation awards.

To apply, please see the award application procedures.