Program and Agenda




  1. S01 - Advances in Aeroecology
  2. S02 - Ecological Principles of Emerging Infectious Diseases in Birds
  3. S03 - Ecology and Conservation of Aerial Insectivores
  4. S04 - Genomic Approaches to Understanding Avian Speciation
  5. S05 - Molecular Biogeography and the Classification Crisis
  6. S06 - The Effects of Environmental Contaminants on Birds, and the Utility of Birds as Biomonitors of Pollution
  7. S08 - A Century Later: Lessons from the Extinction of the Passenger Pigeon (Ectopistes migratorius)
  8. S09 - Alpine Ornithology in 2014: Ecological Adaptations and Challenges for Birds Breeding in Mountain Ecosystems
  9. S10 - Conservation Ecology of Montane Birds
  10. S11 - Effects on Birds of Unconventional Shale Gas Extraction and the New Energy Boom
  11. S12 - Frontiers in Modeling Bird Populations
  12. S13 - North American Breeding Bird Survey: Tackling New Challenges and Addressing Old Questions
  13. S14 - Alternative views of the origin of birds and the origin of feathers
  14. S15 - Recent advances in Rusty Blackbird Research: A Symposium Honoring the Memory of Russell S. Greenberg
  15. S16 - Successes and Challenges in Riparian Restoration: Birds as the Yardstick
  16. S17 - The Future of Migratory Connectivity Research
  17. S18 - Use of the Fire-grazing Interaction in Avian Conservation
  18. S19 - Value Added in Bird Monitoring: Capture and Banding Provide New Insights
  19. S20 - Avian Interactions With Energy Infrastructure: Challenges of Being Green
  20. S21 - Western Yellow-billed Cuckoo: Current Research and Management Needs