Greening the Meeting
and Carbon Offsets

The Hyatt Regency Jacksonville Riverfront is a designated member of the Florida Green Lodging Program and a member of the Convene Green Alliance. Through coordination with the AOU conference planning committee, the hotel has agreed to manage our meeting space to reduce energy consumption, reduce or eliminate the use of disposables, and facilitate recycling. We suggest that attendees reduce their carbon footprint by use of public transit where possible. If you need to rent a car, we suggest a hybrid or fuel efficient model. We also encourage attendees to consider offsetting the carbon impacts of their travel and lodging by making a voluntary contribution to a carbon offset provider. Numerous offset providers can be found through an internet search, however, we recommend finding a provider that supports carbon reduction projects which are certified according to industry standards and verified by independent third-parties.

Each of the following carbon offset providers has been found to support meaningful projects that measurably reduce carbon production. The first two listed offer a carbon offset calculator to help you determine an appropriate contribution.

Sustainable Travel International

Educates travelers and the travel trade about how to reduce carbon emissions, provides advisory services that include developing carbon management frameworks, and supports high-quality carbon offset projects

Native Energy

Supports an evolving portfolio of Native American, family farm, and community-based renewable energy and carbon reduction projects

The Carbon Trust

Promotes climate change solutions by providing high quality carbon offset projects and advancing sound offset policy