Silent Auction

Ballroom Foyer

Bidding: Tuesday 26 July from 15:00-20:00, Wednesday 27 July from 8:00-22:00, and Thursday 28 July from 8:00-22:00

Pick up items: (major credit cards accepted), Friday 29 July from 08:00 – 17:00

After its fantastic success in 2010, the silent auction is back for its 4th year! In this conference-long event items donated by various companies and AOU members are bid on by conference attendees; and to the highest bidder go the spoils! From jewelry to fine art to books and monographs, we’ve got it all. The generosity of our donors and bidders help fund events hosted by the AOU Student Affairs Committee at future conferences.

Suggested donations include, but are not limited to: books and field guides (new and used, vintage, hard-to-get, out-of-print, or autographed books are especially welcome); binoculars or other optics; tripods; field supplies; education materials; services (e.g. statistics, bird identifications, etc.); trips; and jewelry, art, decorations, photos, prints, software, or DVDs. This is the perfect opportunity to support students and recycle those unused, but valuable/interesting items! If you have suitable items to donate, or have questions, please contact Stephanie Wright (

We can make arrangements to give receipts for donated items, for donors who may wish to take a tax deduction.