Thursday, August 13

S01: Shorebird stopover ecology in Delaware Bay: from catastrophe to recovery. Amanda Dey, Larry Niles, and David Mizrahi

S02: Conservation reliant birds our new relationship with nature. J. Michael Scott and J Michael Reed

Friday, August 14

S03: Communication in birds and brains: how songbirds learn, produce and perceive songs. Sarah Woolley

S05: Ecology and conservation of a rare, declining species, Bicknell's Thrush. Christopher C. Rimmer and Kent P. McFarland

S06: A commemoration of 100 years of avian research on USFS Experimental Forests. Scott H. Stoleson, and David I. King

S08: Golden-winged warbler conservation initiative. David Buehler

Saturday, August 15

S04: Movers and shakers in the mountains: New research on tropical altitudinal migration. Kevin Fraser

S07: Environmental challenges for colonial waterbirds of the Northeastern seaboard. Susan B. Elbin, Katharine Parsons, and Nellie Tsipoura

S09: From phylogeny to physiology: integrative studies of starlings and mockingbirds. Dustin Rubenstein and Robert Curry

S10: Phylogeography of Australian birds: Spatio-temporal insights and methodological testing ground. Leo Joseph and Scott Edwards

S11: State of the Birds 2009: the first collaborative assessment for bird populations of the United States. John R. Sauer, Gregory S. Butcher, Robert P. Ford, Kenneth V. Rosenberg