Student-Professional Ornithologist Luncheon

Organized by: The AOU Student Affairs Committee
Sponsored by:  The American Ornithologists’ Union
Contact: Melissa Blundell (
Date & Time: 13 August 2009 (Thursday) from 12:30 – 14:00
Location: Hall of Flags, in Houston Hall
Cost: Free!!


For students, meeting and interacting with professional ornithologists is an important aspect of the AOU meeting.  However, professional conferences can sometimes be challenging environments for students to locate and approach professional ornithologists in their area of research interest.  Each year the Student Affairs Committee works to facilitate student interaction with professionals by organizing casual events like this year’s Student-Professional Luncheon.  

The lunch will provide students with a unique opportunity to meet informally to discuss common research interests with professional ornithologists.   Ornithologists, both in and out of academia, will be grouped at tables according to their research interests.  Research areas will include:

Students and professionals who agree to participate will be given meal vouchers to use in the university food court, which has a wide assortment of meat and vegetarian options from pizza to sandwiches to sushi, and more.  The nearby Hall of Flags will be reserved for the event.  There students will be able to move casually from table to table discussing specific research questions, general science topics, issues related to graduate school or anything else of interest.  Students may seek out a specific person or simply visit tables based on research topics.  There will be a high ratio of professionals to students (about 1:2) offering an unique opportunity for interaction.

The following professionals have already signed up for the event, and more names will be added shortly:

How to sign up

Seating will be limited based on the number of vouchers available.  Students interested in participating and receiving a voucher should send an email to Melissa Blundell ( with "Student Lunch" in the subject line and the following information in the text: (1) student name and (2) university attending (current or prospective).  Professionals interested in participating should contact Melanie Colón ( and provide their names, affiliations, and research areas.