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American Ornithologists' Union

Founded in 1883, the American Ornithologists' Union is the oldest organization in the New World devoted to the scientific study of birds. Over its 125 year history, AOU and its members have created the scientific foundation for ornithology and bird conservation that we enjoy today. The AOU is the largest and most diverse ornithological society, with over 3500 members. Although primarily an organization for professional ornithologists, it welcomes to its ranks many students, conservationists, birders and others who cherish the birds of the world.

Its publications are the heart and soul of the AOU. Its quarterly journal, The Auk, has the highest scientific impact of any ornithological journal, worldwide. Its journal for longer papers, Ornithological Monographs, is now published three times per year. These journals will soon be available on-line to all members. The AOU Check-list of North American Birds has long been the accepted authority for English bird names and scientific nomenclature. A committee is hard at work on a similar list for South America. AOU also publishes periodic white papers of importance to conservation, scientific collections, and other issues. In partnership with the Cornell Laboratory for Ornithology, the AOU sponsors The Birds of North America. In partnership with the Nuttall Ornithological Club, it will sponsor a book series in ornithology. The AOU website is fast becoming the go to place for information on professional ornithology. The AOU manages its own independent publication office, and works with other societies to help them produce their publications. Publications are actively overseen by a committee of scientists, which ensures scientific integrity, professional management, and fiscal health.


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