Rail Travel

AMTRAK service to Philadelphia

AMTRAK’s 30th Street Station (PHL in AMTRAK’s system, but not be confused with Philadelphia International Airport) is just a mile from the UPenn campus, the venue for the conference. We encourage attendees to consider traveling to the conference by train, for the sake of minimizing travel costs, containing environmental impact, and avoiding potential delays associated with air travel during the summer thunderstorm season.

AMTRAK routes servicing 30th Street Station include those originating in the northeast (Boston/New York/Newark), south (Washington/Baltimore), and west (Chicago/Pittsburgh/Harrisburg).

Public transportation between 30th Street and UPenn

SEPTA trolley service is available between 30th Street and UPenn, with a stop just two blocks from the conference venue and the campus dormitories. We will later provide information about purchasing SEPTA passes good for the duration of the conference.