Student Presentation Awards

Deadline: 17 April 2009

Four presentation awards will be given, including an award (the Robert B. Berry Student Award) for the most outstanding presentation on research pertaining to avian conservation. In addition, there will be a separate competition for best research poster, and undergraduate students (including recent graduates who have not started a graduate program) are encouraged to participate. Awards will be made based on quality of both research and presentation, and preference will be given to students presenting a substantial body of work rather than early progress reports. Eligible papers need not be single-authored papers, but in the case of joint authorship the student must present the poster or oral paper. AOU Presentation Awards have a limit of one per lifetime.

In addition to award application materials described below, students must also submit standard abstract materials to the Program Coordinator by the 17 May 2009 deadline to receive a place on the program.

Note: The purpose of the advanced deadline for the Awards application is to allow the selection committee to inform applicants of funding decisions about Travel Awards before the deadline for early registration and program abstracts.

Application Procedures

Application deadline for presentation awards is 17 April; late applications will not be accepted. If applying also for a Travel Award, submit only ONE application; indicate on the cover sheet (see application instructions below) whether you are applying for a travel award, presentation award, or both). Submit the following items via e-mail (as a single pdf attachment) to Rebecca Kimball (



Award criteria:

Information about past winners of AOU presentation awards